Welcome to kennel of Pyrenean mountain dogs "Le patou"

Even as a child I had a big love for animals, at home we had cat, but it was always a desire for a dog. Since we live in an apartment, we could only had a small dog and so my parents brought me Tara, breed Papillon, which has taken over my heart and makes me happy for 18 years. After her death, it created a void, and I've decided that I need to fill this void. Me and my boyfriend moved to the village, where there was space for a large dog, and it was the right moment the Pyrenean mountain dog enter into our lives.

My love for this breed, was born in childhood, when I enthusiastically watched the cartoon "Belle et Sebastien" and as a child I had this image of a white giant with a good heart, rooted in the mind, where it remained until the moment, when I saw Balmette, white fluffy scoop that she looked at me straight in the eye and I realized that she was the one. Thus began our journey.